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Sequenced Inverter technology used in solar power system

Posted on by Elysia Niemi

A Silicon Valley-based power company has announced the launch a Sequenced Inverter technology that will be used in solar power photovoltaic systems.

ArrayPower will design the system for use in commercial-scale solar installations, which the company said is currently underrepresented by competitors. The Sequenced Inverter will allow for a more affordable and higher preforming alternative to competing inverter technologies available on the market, ArrayPower said.

"The countless hours of research and development we've dedicated to our Sequenced Inverter technology now enable ArrayPower to optimize the cost, safety and performance of solar systems through a 'plug and play' AC module," said Wendy Arienzo, CEO of ArrayPower. "With our solution, solar manufacturers can produce an efficient, highly durable AC module that is economically attractive for commercial installations."

The Sequenced Inverter-equipped solar power modules improve overall system performance by pulsing and sequencing power across the entire array, according to the company. This creates three-phase commercial grade AC power.